beaniebaneenie: saw your post about the different versions of the Mad Hatter. I do think they are both interesting takes on a well-known character that has a lot to work with, as far as the source material goes. I enjoyed both portrayals, and as a girl who grew up with a single father with very little money, Jefferson will always have a special place deep in my heart. I would love to know your reasons behind Sebastian being your favorite Hatter, just because I enjoy talking about the character. :D 


Well, gosh!

I was expecting a mob of angry people yelling at me for this one.

*rolls up sleeves*  alrighty then.

Without further ado, I present to you;

WHY I THINK SEBASTIAN STAN’S JEFFERSON TRUMPED JOHNNY DEPP’S MAD HATTER.imageFIRSTLY, I love Johnny Depp. I really do and although I did enjoy Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, I was quite disappointed in it, to be honest but that’s a different story.

One problem I have with Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter in general is his appearance.
imageHe looks like a clown. I don’t like clowns…
I mean, I’ll admit, I don’t really imagine a super attractive guy when thinking of the Hatter.image(I never used to anyways)

And I get how Tim Burton tried to make the Mad Hatter look like a weirdo but…never has any Alice in Wonderland made the Hatter look like a clown.

The Hatter was just a man older than Alice who was, well a Mad Hatter obsessed with tea.

I feel like Johnny missed this. Maybe we can blame it on the script, story, directing or even the screenplay but…he doesn’t seem MAD.
A few odd lines…
imageimageHis eyes changing colour when he gets angry…(which just looks terrifying…) imageHis accent changing from English to American to Scottish…and…whatever the fuck THIS is:imageDOES NOT MAKE HIM MAD.

They make him quirky, cooky and mildly concering in the least.imageNot nearly enough, Johnny…
Even in the Disney cartoon most of the madness from the Mad Hatter isn’t his appearance per se (as in what he looks like exactly) but rather in his expressions and body language.imageHis rapid changes in mood is shown by Depp’s Hatter as well but honestly…

If you had to honestly choose which person looked like they were or already had lost their mind would you pick this:imageor this:imageSWEET JESUS.imageI remember being creeped out with Depp’s Hatter when his eyes changed colour but watching the Hat Trick episode with Jefferson with my sister…image his performance actually made me lean away from the screen.

I think what made Sebastian’s Hatter so convincing was that he seemed normal.image He looks perfectly sane in one moment…imagebut in the next…imageyou can pinpoint the EXACT second he has a lapse in sanity.

imageThe point of the Mad Hatter and Wonderland was to make sense in it’s nonsensical ways.

Depp’s Hatter has a CAUSE and that cause is…rebellion?imageWhy bring sense and logic into a place that celebrates having NO SENSE AND LOGIC?
I feel like Johnny Depp’s Hatter relied more on his actual appearance and clothing to make up for the madness and sheer craziness his role required for HIS movie’s Wonderland.

At least you know what Jefferson had a REASON to be mad. imageHe wasn’t just mad because (although he was a little screwy before he had Grace), he was mad because he was DRIVEN into madness by being forced to stay in the mad land of Wonderland—WHERE HE WAS NOT FROM—making hats! imageHe has a REASON to make hats; he is a traveler who activates portals with his magical hat.imageHis title of the Mad Hatter makes more sense too. imageHe is driven to madness due to the struggle with his hat and “getting it to work” after he loses his magical hat (which he needs to get home to his young daughter, Grace who he ended up straightening out for to the extent he stopped using his hat). imageHe has been pushed to his most desperate lengths to complete an impossible task of making a magical hat without any magic. He is a MAD HATTER.imageYou might as well call Depp’s The Mad Hat Maker.imageJefferson just pulls of his own respective world and story better than the other Hatter does for his.

JEFFERSON’S HATTER EVEN HAS MORE TEA REFERENCES FOR PETE’S SAKE. imageHE DRUGS PEOPLE WITH TEA,image HE HAD TEA PARTIES WITH HIS DAUGHTER, LIKE GOD.imageThe Mad Hatter (as well as everything else in Wonderland) is not supposed to make any real sense. But the only way they make sense is by making sense without making complete sense.imageThere are many examples of this in the Disney cartoon. For instance, the Alice says:image to which the March replies:imageOr when Alice asks the Cheshire Cat for directions.

Cheshire Cat: “Well, that depends where…you are to get to?”
Alice: “Oh, it doesn’t really matter; as long as I.”
Cheshire Cat: “Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Which is what I liked about Jefferson. He seemed sane yet wasn’t which really does seem like he has a mental disorder or “madness”. SHIT SON. Although what Jefferson says is true, he clearly has more than a few screws loose in his head and that IS scary.imageMaybe it’s just my personal opinion. I think Johnny’s Mad Hatter was lacking but would have fit an Alice in Wonderland that wasn’t trying to be so edgy like the Tim Burton movie (which had many flaws to be honest).

But if I was to imagine the closest version of a truly Mad Hatter, that would go to Jefferson. His Mad Hatter made me scared, nervous and uncomfortable. imageHe also made me cry, sob and sniffle.imageimageBut then made me burst out laughing again and again.imageSeriously, I can’t even find the gif or clip where he’s in the middle of a conversation with David and in mid sentence, flips the table and BOLTS. I swear, I made my sister rewind that scene like four times because I kept laughing for ten straight minutes. That is one of my favourite Jefferson moments. His unpredictability really makes his character spectacular.imageHis facial expressions always get me too.imageWhat he went through all for his daughter is just gut-wrenchingly sad and beautiful.imageSebastian Stan just knows exactly how to ruin your life…imageI literally worked for this post for hours straight…it’s almost 3 in the morning now…

But it was worth it…because Sebastian Stan/Jefferson.

Thank you for your very polite question, @! I appreciate it! Feel free to spazz out over Jefferson with me, anytime!


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